TV Shows that use JY's music

These are the programmes where JY's music is featured ... see how many you can recognise :-)

2nd Opinion (SOCAN)
5th Quadrant (SOCAN)
ACBC Station PR (APRA)
Against the Odds London 2012 (C5)
Aircrash Confidential (2012) (Discovery)
Al Rojo Vivo (ASCAP)
Animal Mummification (NG)
Animal Planet (Discovery)
Antibiotics Misused Miracles (TEOSTO)
Ariel Cold Water (ZAIKS)
Ariel Whirlpool (ZAIKS)
As Seen on TV (ASCAP)
Assignment Discovery (ASCAP)
Athletes in Motion (ASCAP)
Automatisierte Fahrwerkverschraubung (GEMA)
Avenirs Possibles (SOCAN)
BBC News 24
BBC Radio 4
BBC Radio Manchester
BBC Radio Merseyside
BBC Regional Radio
BBC West Midlands
BBC World
BBC World Service
BBC Special Overseas Service
Bermuda Cablevision
Big deals the Good (ASCAP)
Big Spender (ASCAP)
Biography A & E (ASCAP + SOCAN)
Blaenavon Male Voice Choir, Songs from the Valleys of Wales
Blue Realm (SOCAN)
Bone Island (SABAM)
Bravo Profiles (ASCAP)
Britain's Best Homes (C4 + Sky Travel)
Buried Secrets (TV3)
Cada Dia (ASCAP)
Cairt Turais (Grampian)
Calendar News & Sport (Yorkshire TV)
Canada En Amour (SOCAN)
Canal + (SACEM)
Carte Blanche (SAMRO)
Catwalk Mums (Discovery)
Census (S4C)
Coast (BBC1/2)
Coast III (Shetland to Orkney)(BBC1)
Coast (Southport to Dover) (BBC1)
Cold Case Files (History)
Compass 96.4 (2012)
Court TV Specials (ASCAP)
Critical Eye (Discovery Science & ASCAP)
Cruising America SW (ASCAP)
Cuatro (SGAE)
Cybernet Episode 649 (ITV1)
Cyberterrorism (History)
Dancing with the Stars (BBC)
Dead Reckoning Invisible Clue (History)
Dead Reckoning Unusual Clue (History)
Dead Reckoning (ACUM + APRA)
Deadly Deception (ASCAP)
Deadly Deception the Mark Hack
Dearne 97.1 (2012)
De mananita
Decouverte (SOCAN)
Democracy in America (ASCAP)
Der Patriot Lippstadt (GEMA)
Design (C4)
Designer Guys (SOCAN)
Desperate for AB (C4)
Deutsche Welle (GEMA)
Die Lage lebt digitalsierung (GEMA)
Discovery channel
Discovery Civilisation (UK)
Discovery DHL
Discovery health
Discovery Homes & Leisure (Discovery)
Discovery Sci-Trek
Discovery Travel and Adventure
Donald J Trump Fabulous World of Golf (2012) (ASCAP)
Douce Folie Vers L'Aventure (SOCAN)
Don't Forget Your Passport (Travel)
Dounreay the atomic dream (BBC2/4)
Dr G Medical Examiner (ASCAP)
Eclaireurs (SOCAN)
Eddie Izzard Glorious
Eddie Izzard Respectable
Epicerie (SOCAN)
Everyday Things (ASCAP)
Facejacker (2012) (C4)
Facture (SOCAN)
Failte (STV)
FBI Files (Discovery)
Fifty Fifty (SAMRO)
First Cloned Sheep (ASCAP)
Flemio (S4C)
Forensics (ASCAP)
Fosse aux Lionnes (SOCAN)
Fox Hunt (OSA Czech Films)
Freescreen (Meridian)
Fresh (Harlech TV)
Girls of Playboy (ASCAP)
Glorious ...Eddie Izzard (Laughing Stock)
Gramp Air a Bhord (ITV Scotland)
Great Blunders of the 20th Century (History)
Great Romances of the 20th Century (RAO)
Hamish & Andy's Gap Year (APRA)
Handwerksmesse (GEMA)
Heia Tufle (2012) (TONO)
High Tech Weapons
Histoires Oubliees (SOCAN)
History International
History Undercover USA (ASCAP)
Home on their Own (ITV1)
Hotel C'sar (TONO)
Hyperlinks (BBC)
ILR Local Radio Commercials
Innovation (ASCAP + JASRAC)
Inside Scotland (ITV)
Investigative Reports (SOCAN + ASCAP)
It's for Life (Yorkshire TV)
ITV Football (ITV)
Joanie Laurer Nude (ASCAP)
Kasta Loss (STIM)
Khumbul Ekhaya (SAMRO)
Klar vie ein Dia (GEMA)
Koelner Stadt Anzeiger (GEMA)
Korrespondenz (GEMA)
Laserloeten Heckdeckel (GEMA)
Learning to Surf in B (C4)
Lets chat with Mel (SAMRO)
Lifeline (BBC2)
Lord of the Rings (STIM)
Lucky Bag (BBC)
Lufthansa Magazin on Air (GEMA)
Magellan's Lost (History)
Make it Count (ASCAP)
Making Faces (BBC)
Marosejka (RAO)
Massacre at Punto Lo (ASCAP)
Medical Profile (SOCAN)
Megastructures (NG)
Money Chase inside H (ASCAP)
Mummy Roadshow (NG & SGAE)
mummy Roadshow Blond Nun (NG)
Music on Hold (APRA)
Mysteries & Scandals (SOCAN)
NBA Access (ASCAP)
NBA Action (ASCAP)
NBA Basketball (C5)
Neil Young : Don't be denied (BBC4)
New Detectives (JASRAC)
Newsnight (BBC)
New Zealand Films (BBC World)
North East News (Tyne Tees)
Noticiero Telemundo (ASCAP)
O Zone (SOCAN)
Obese and Pregnant (ASCAP)
Page to Screen (ASCAP)
Panorama (SOCAN)
Party Political Broadcast (ITV1)
Passport to Europe (ASCAP)
Pawb (S4C)
Polar bears Uncovered (ASCAP & SOCAN)
Politics Now (ITV1)
Politics Show (BBC1)
Polsat News (2012) (ZAIKS)
Prime Minister is missing (History)
Profiles Cable (SOCAN)
Pseudoradio (SOCAN)
Q97.2FM Causeway Coast
Radio Cymru
Radio West Commercials
Regional News (ITV1)
Reportage (BUMA)
Respectable (BBC Worldwide/C5)
Riddles of the Dead (NG)
Ritmo Deportivo
Round Table on Fiscal (ASCAP)
S2 Live (STV)
Saturday Night Live (SACEM)
Saturday Night Live with Amy Adams (2012) (SAMRO)
Schuetz Mehrschichtblassanlage (GEMA)
Science of Crime (BBC)
Science Ou Fiction (SOCAN)
Secret Access (The Vatican) (HISTORY)
Secrets of the Dead (ASCAP)
Secrets of... (NG)
Seeking Solutions with Suzanne (ASCAP)
Severn Sound
Shark Business (NG)
Si C'Etait Vrai (SOCAN)
Sianel Pedwar Cymru (S4C)
Sin fronteras (ASCAP)
skeleton Stories (SOCAN)
Skin Sculptors (Discovery)
Soccer Night (Tyne Tees)
Songs from the valleys of Wales (Silva Screen)
Sonstige Werbung (GEMA)
SOS Mandarin (BBC)
South West politics Show (BBC1)
Story of koct (ASCAP)
Studio 2 (SOCAN)
Sunday Soapbox (ITV1)
Taro 9 (2012) (S4C)
Tested to Destruction (Meridian)
The Late Late Show (ASCAP)
Transworld Sport (SAMRO)
The One Show (BBC1)
The News Show (BBC Choice)
The Saturday Show (BBC1)
The West Country at Westminster (ITV1)
This hour has 22 minutes (SOCAN)
This morning (Granada TV)
Thyssen Krupp Autos (GEMA)
Titanic 90 years below (History)
Titanic's Ghosts (NG + APRA + IMRO)
Tonight with Jay Leno (ASCAP)
Top 10 Lingerie (Granada)
Top 10 places to Sp (ASCAP)
Totally Wild (APRA)
True Hollywood Story (ASCAP)
Tu Manana (ASCAP)
TVP1 (2012) (ZAIKS)
TVP2 (2012) (ZAIKS)
UCMR-ADA Romania
UFO Files (History)
Ulster Unionist Party (UTV)
Undersea Explorer (SOCAN)
Visions of Germany (ASCAP)
Voici Ma Carriere (SOCAN)
Voie Des Andes (SUISA)
Vollautomatische Lackierung Baureihe (GEMA)
Volt (SOCAN)
Vu du Large (SOCAN)
War Against Al Qaeda (ASCAP)
Watchdog (BBC1)
West Country News (ITV1)
What Happened When - Dolly the first cloned sheep (Discovery World)
What is really in our food? (BBC1)
When the dust settles (ASCAP)
Where's Your Head At?(ITV1)
Wild Sites (SOCAN)
Wlii Noticias at 11 (ASCAP)
Women of Enron (ASCAP)
World Poker Tour (ASCAP + Virgin)
World Review (BBC News 24)
Young Sexy & Royal (Various)
Your Health (SOCAN)
Your Hired
Zeitungsverlag Waiblingen (GEMA)