Discography of all things JY!

John Young (song CD's)

1) Life Underground (1999)

All Grown up, Closer, Palmistry, Wings to Fly, Last One Home,
Nothing at All, Imaginary People, Ivory Tower,
Life Underground, Reprise.

# Imaginary People also appeared on the Live at the Fishponds CD
# Closer also appeared on the Beyond the Bridges CD

2) Significance (2002)

Significance, All Gone, Closer, When I was Young, Papa, Open Skies,
Underside, Stranger than Fiction, Listening, Used,
Under Angels Wings, Just One Day, Insiginificance.

John Young Band (song CD)

1) JYB Live at the Classic Rock Society (2003)

Significance, When I was Young, Just One Day, All Grown Up,
Underside, Unknown Soldier, Childhoods End, Open Skies, Kings

John Young (instrumental CD's for televsion)
1) Scientific Breakthrough RMCD 2029

Scientific Breakthrough, Aquaculture, Paranormal Persuasion,
Deciphering the Future, Designer Oestrogens, Research Grant,
Body Stream, Polarized Life, Galaxy Cluster, Crystal Image,
Firewall, Micro Organisms, Matter and Antimatter.

2) Political Agenda RMCD 2033

Burning Issues, Election Broadcast, Meet the People,
Keep this out of the Tabloids, Man behind the Myth,
President in the Spotlight (1 & 2), Political Agenda,
Scent of Victory, spin Doctor, Crisis Looming,
Voice of Reason, Civil Unrest, The Health Lobby, Master Plan.

3) Ethereal Energy RMCD 2035

Celestial Pulse, Asteroid Ocean, Karmic Breath,
Slipping Away (from you), Tantric Circles, Spiritual Guidance,
Heaven Sent, Matrix, Earth Dreaming, Soul Strata,
Ethereal Energy, Crystal Cavern
# Also released initially as N.C.V. (No Commercial Value)

4) Dot.Com Explosion RMCD 2037

Striking Image, Netlife, Technophobe, Desk Rage, Porn Sweeper,
Cyberspace, Webspeak, Virtual World, Super Highway, Virus Alert,
Dot.Com Explosion.
# recorded under the name of Chris Richardson

5) Election Fever RMCD 2053

Campaign Trail, Key Challenges, The Gloves Come Off,
Victory is Ours, Rapid Global Change, Better World, Human Rights,
Election Fever, Domestic Agenda, Time for Questions,
Deprived Neighbourhoods, Family First, Negative Note,
Re-Think, Keeping our Children Safe.
# recorded under the name of Chris Richardson

6) Financial Meltdown RMCD 2081

Black Gold, Headlines in Crisis, Rescue Creep, The World Waits,
High Value Target, Economic Suicide, President Elect, Bottom Feeders,
Financial Meltdown, Back from the Brink, Nervous Markets,
Eastern Influence, Bankers Requiem, Bull Market, Stalemate.

7) Several other tracks were released for TV useage without
so far being on a CD they are:
Analysis, Body Fluids, DNA, Edge of Discovery & Sniffer Dog.

Independently released instrumental CD's

1)Cool Jazz (ambient jazz)

Arkana's Smile, Girilla, Breathe, Eclectic Envoy, Exponents,
Quantum Too, Sartorial Surfer, In Search of Solace, Mmmm,
Sibling Viral, Sunkissed, Gisella's Eyes, Chile, Paddy's Skye.

2) Indian Summer (Indian world music meets the west)

Alhambra, Brave New World, Drui, Goa, Hybrid, Karnataka, Lore,
Market Day, Morpheus, Mumbai Blues, Nisha, Pradeshi, Rarify,

Other individual completed tracks available for download

(as a writer and co-writer with other artists)

Asia After All JW version released in aid of Tsunami Relief (Japan)

John Wetton Crime of Passion Battlelines, Voicemail, Chasing the Dragon,
Anthology, Live in the Underworld
John Wetton After All Arkangel, Anthology, Nomansland, Live in Osaka,
The Asia Story, Live in the Underworld,
One Way and Another (with Ken Hensley),
Agenda, Amorata, Amata, Caught in the Crossfire 2,
Live at Sun Plaza,Back in Business
John Wetton All Grown Up Arkangel, The Asia Story,
John Wetton Arkangel Arkangel, Hazy Monet,Sub Rosa,
Live at Sun Plaza,Live in Osaka, The Asia Story,
John Wetton Desperate Times Arkangel, Anthology, The Asia Story,
Caught in the Crossfire 2,
John Wetton The Celtic Cross Arkangel, The Asia Story,
John Wetton You Againts the World Arkangel,
John wetton Waterline Rock of Faith, Live in the Underworld
John Wetton JY Solo Live in Tokyo, Live in Osaka,
John Wetton Before your eyes Welcome to Heaven, Sinister

Fish 3D Fellini Days, Fellini Nights
Fish Dancing in Fog Fellini Days
Fish Long Cold Day Fellini Days, Fellini Nights
Fish Our Smile Fellini Days, Fellini Nights
Fish Tiki 4 Fellini Days, Fellini Nights

Qango JY Solo Live in the hood
Qango Last One Home Live in the hood

Bert Heerink Significance Better Yet

The Strawbs Aurora Hero & Heroine in Ascencia

Jon Anderson Sooner unreleased as yet but used on his live solo show.

(as a performer main releases only)
Qango Live in the Hood Full CD

JW/KH One way or Another Full CD
John Wetton Arkangel 5 tracks
John Wetton Live in Tokyo Full CD
John Wetton Live in Osaka Full CD
The Skys Coulours of the Desert Full CD and producer

Fish Fellini Days Full CD
Fish Fellini Nights Full CD
Greenslade Large Afternoon Full CD all vocals and 2 solos only
Greenslade Live 2001 Full CD

The Strawbs In Ascencia Full CD
Robin George Bluesongs Full CD
Lucio Battisti La Sposa Occidentale Full CD

Cocoon (Robin George) Full CD

Cobra Hungry for Vengeance Full CD

Bonnie Tyler Heartstrings Full CD (inc 2 arrangements)