Time to revitalise the site  

Just thinking it's about time to revitalise the JY/JYB site so folks who enjoy the music can find lots of stuff they didn't know existed!
As one guy said to me at a Lifesigns show... you must have done something before this :-) 
best to all 

The show last night in London.... 

Really enjoyed last night thanks to everyone for making it such a special evening especially Robin Boult, Fro Beedle, Steve Vantsis and Steve Rispin .Lots of love to Thijs and the Focus boys. Big thank you to the staff who made us feel so welcome and to Martin and all at QEDG Mangement for inviting us. I wish you could bottle what was in that room :-) xx

JYB Live in London with FOCUS :-) 

Just to remind everyone that we will be playing the Islington Town Hall along with our good friends FOCUSon Wed Jan 30th.
Hope you can come along ;-) Nice opportunity to see quite a few LIFESIGNS folk all in one place too ....


Now five JYB shows in for next year, Lifesigns artwork is done, masters are done and a facebook page at www.facebook.com/signslife is now up and running :-)

Leamington last night .... 

Really enjoyed the show last night I think people definitely got value for money and we certainly couldn't fit any more equipment on that stage! Sorry I didn't get a chance to chat with everyone or fulfill duties in playing Lifesigns tracks to some of our good friends ...apologies for that. Next show is with FOCUS in January and of course the Lifesigns CD will be out then too....

Busy Times 

So another show just in for one of our favourite haunts the Wheatsheaf in Leighton Buzzard plus a radio interview tonght
all about prog!! Busy also with Life Signs a fairly hectic couple of days working with my old chum Brett Wilde and Frosty
on the artwork for the new CD plus we should finish the mastering next week and hopefully have some samples flying
around by December....heady days!

Another show and forward movement for life signs 

Lovely meeting with Esoteric yesterday regarding the Life Signs release in January....all very positive:-) Plus another show for the JYB announced in Witney in Oxfordshire in March. Hope to have one sorted at the Wheatsheaf in Leighton Buzzard in the next couple of days too...more soon...jy